Design Portfolio

Central Washington Homestead

Going Off-Grid on a Dry, Windy Plain

Quick design concepts produced for a Central Washington Homestead.

About the Central Washington Homestead

The vision for this project is to adapt an existing home into a passive solar residence with minimal reliance on grid power.  Drought-resistance livestock and food production systems are a critical component of this project.


Master Planning Process

After a bit of preliminary mapping, our design team headed down to the property in Ellensburg in the fall. Frost was just around the corner and the wind was howling. Our team spent a day walking the land and interviewing the clients. After spending a night and letting everything sink in, our team quickly developed the basic concept in collaboration with the clients.  We addressed windbreaks, new structures, perennial and animal systems. After some refinements, the quick plan was finalized and the clients (experienced farmers) were able to move forward on windbreak installation and detailed design for their buildings and home landscape.


Follow-Up & Implementation

With this "quick and dirty" design in hand, the clients were able to engage an architect to finalize renovation and construction plans and get the ball rolling on windbreak installation.  The site is in continual development.