Plant propogation at the Bullocks Homestead.
An outline for creating a tropical nursery.
Tropical genetics acquired at a local market.

Welcome to Terra Phoenix

Terra Phoenix Design is a collection of experienced designers, educators & consultants focusing on whole systems design and productive ecological landscapes. The core of our team is drawn from the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead — a 30 year organization — and a pioneering collective in the field of ecological landscape design. You may learn more about our team by selecting the Design Team link to the left.

Our goal is to guide homeowners, developers, and private enterprises through the process of vision development, real estate search assistance, residential & commercial design, and both design & project review. On this site you will find comprehensive information on our related services and a portfolio of our collective work.

Terra Phoenix Design is frequently involved in a variety of sustainability-oriented events. Through this site we intend to keep you informed of upcoming events, as well as resources you can use to learn more about developing your vision. Feel free to check back periodically for new information.

Enjoy and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


 9 Dec 2019 

Dave will be offering a Homescale Resilience presentation in Seattle in January. See the Events page for more details!

 5 Dec 2019 

More courses coming up! Dave will be teaching a weekend Permaculture Design 101 & 202 workshop in South Seattle in February. See details on our Events page!

 2 Dec 2019 

Dave and Jessi Bloom will be offering a weekend-format Permaculture Design Course for Seattle area folks! Dave will also be going back to Pearlstone Center on the East Coast in August 2020 to teach another Permaculture Design Course there. Check out both on our Events page.

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