Design Services

Thorough site assessment drives the master plan.
The design outlines concepts and techniques.
Details are addressed during design development.

Master Planning

An integrated master plan is essential for getting projects off the ground and moving in the right direction. Terra Phoenix is a world-class team of designers who deliver comprehensive plans, which address the unique aspects of any project.  We present food, energy, water, waste and building systems in illustrated site plans, which are as accessible as they are beautiful. We begin with a conceptual design. This allows us to make sure all aspects of the project will work together in a holistic fashion.  Following the conceptual (or schematic) phase, we help clients develop the various parts of their project; collaborate with other professionals; and/or provide educational services so clients may detail their own designs.


Our Design Process

The following is a general idea of how we create a master plan of a site and systems.  From this framework, our design process is tailored to meet the needs of each unique project:


Residential Packages Download PDF

For residential landowners (primarily defined as single family urban, sub-urban, or rural homesteads) we have put together a menu of packages that are geared to meet the needs of our clients at several different price points. Feel free to download that menu above. Unique packages can be tailored to fit clients’ needs to a T.


Institutional & Larger Development Packages Download PDF

We also provide master planning services for institutional projects such as retreat centers, education centers, campuses, ecovillages, and other multi-unit residential projects. For projects of this nature we produce custom tailored packages of services appropriate for your project. Feel free to download our brochure above (coming soon!) to see the services and products we offer.