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Permaculture Design Course
San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
Oct 8 - 17, 2023More Info

Permaculture Design Course

Oct 8 - 17, 2023

At San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

Instructors: Doug Bullock, Helder Valente, & the New School Permaculture Team

The PDC is the course that creates the certified permaculturists, many people practice permaculture in an intuitive way with wonderfull results, on this course we learn about the thinking of permaculture, the way we look at things, so this course has the objective of changing the way we look at the world, thats why for many people its a life changing experience.

After the PDC, there is also a Permaculture Forest Course (Oct 19-24. 2023) and local site visits (Oct 25-27, 2023). See the site below for more details.

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