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Advanced Permaculture Design Course
Santa Cruz, CA
Jun 24 - Jul 1, 2023More Info

Permaculture Design Course
Pearlstone Retreat Center, Reisterstown, MD
Jul 29 - Aug 13, 2023More Info

Advanced Permaculture Design Course

Jun 24 - Jul 1, 2023

At Santa Cruz, CA

If you’ve taken a Permaculture Design Course, you know that this skill set has the potential to change the world. However, for most of us one 72-hour class isn’t enough to really deeply embed this knowledge into all our practices. So, who is this Advanced PDC for? We’re looking for people who took a PDC and got fired up. We’re also hoping you went out into the world and tried to use what you learned. However it went, so long as you did something with the knowledge you got a yield of feedback. Whether your first permaculture design went well or had some hiccups, this class is a perfect next step as we will go beyond what usually gets covered in the standard 72-hour curriculum. It’s also a great course for people who have, or want to have, a career in permaculture. This is an opportunity to be with other dedicated permaculturists and experienced instructors to help guide you to the next steps you need to sharpen your design skills to a fine point.

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Permaculture Design Course

Jul 29 - Aug 13, 2023

At Pearlstone Retreat Center, Reisterstown, MD

Instructors: Dave Boehnlein, Greg Strella & Joe Murray

This full Permaculture Design Certificate Course will start by covering the basic nuts & bolts of permaculture design (principles, process, methods, etc.) and provide you with the tools you need to see the world through holistic lenses. Then the course will provide you with a variety tools that you can use when creating your own designs.

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Note: Registration details for 2023 should be posted by the end of 2022.

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